299 Days – Kick Starter

If you haven’t read the 299 Days books, they are well worth it. The series is 10 books long and currently books 1-8 have been released. The author, under the pen name of Glen Tate, starts the series as nearly an autobiographical telling of his path down the prepping road and then moves into the realm of fiction for the economic crash and aftermath that the country goes through. Find out more about the books at his web site, 299days.com.


He just recently has decided to pursue making the first few books into a movie. Many non preppers who have read his books have finally been able to understand the concept of prepping and have taken control of their lives. Consider how many more people can become prepared if instead of many hours of reading they can enjoy a movie that gives them the same message?

At this point the author is seeking KickStarter funding to make the first of a planned trilogy. If you want to find out more or perhaps even contribute (with numerous levels and rewards) please check out their page at: 299days KickStarter.

Note, I have no connection to the author or financial interest. I just like to see people take personal responsibility for themselves and their family and any medium which promotes this in a positive light is, in my opinion, good.

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