A few more entries…

Adrian’s Undead Diary, a diary based story and We’re Alive, a zombie podcast have both been added to the Other Stories menu.

We’re Alive, now in it’s fourth and final season is a fantastic audio drama based around a zombie uprising and a group of people trying to remain alive. The production quality is outstanding and if you like audio books you’ll probably enjoy it as much as I have.

Adrian’s Undead Diary started as a blog based posting of diary entries and has morphed into an epic tale with a large handful of other tales and side stories interwoven into the plot. The author has explored a lot more than just zombies. He delves into survial tactics and pitfalls along with the psycological impact of dealing with life and death situations on a daily basis. If you’ve got a Kindle he is releasing the story via a series of Kindle books over the next year or so with the first two already available.

Look for more info and links to both of these authors on the Other Stories menu.

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