Culex Pipiens is an amateur author writing in the PAW (Post Apocalyptic World) genre. Culex is interested in a wide variety of survival, prepping and homesteading topics.

This web site provides an opportunity to share some of those interests and also some of my stories. Many of my stories are available via two methods. First, as a PDF download from here and second as an inexpensive purchase in the Kindle format on Amazon. Kindle format works with Kindle devices and also via the free Kindle app available for Mac, PC, many tablets OSes and as a web based application too.

So, why would a reader want to buy a story when they can download for free? Kindle format displays much nicer on Kindle devices than a PDF does, although both work, but the most obvious reason is that you enjoy my stories and want to support my work and encourage me to keep writing.

On this site you’ll also find some shorter stories that are available only from this site. Feel free to comment here and, if you really liked them, on Amazon too.

All original content copyright Culex Pipiens. Publishing and/or use of any portion of this material, on other web sites or media, without express written consent is prohibited. Portions of the content in “Other Stories” is copyrighted works held by their respective owners.

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