Seed Packets

Cherokee Trail of Tears

I came up with a template for making your own seed packets. There are a larger format (1 per page) and a smaller format with 2 on a page. You can use the PDF version to print blank ones and just write on them or if you are a bit more creative, download the SVG format and use Inkscape (free download for Linux, PC and Mac) or a handful of other programs that also support this format.


Click to view or right-click and “Save As”


PDF version: SeedPacketLargeBlank

PDF version: SeedPacketLargeWithLabel

PDF version: SeedPacketSmallBlanksvg

PDF version: SeedPacketSmallWithLabel

PDF version: PDF version: Burgundy Okra

PDF version: Cherokee Trail of Tears

PDF version: Cilantro

PDF version: Good Mother Stallard

PDF version: Mortgage Lifter


Click to view or right-click and “Save As”


SVG version: SeedPacketLargeBlank

SVG version: SeedPacketLargeWithLabel

SVG version: SeedPacketSmallBlanksvg

SVG version: SeedPacketSmallWithLabel

SVG version: Burgundy Okra

SVG version: Cherokee Trail of Tears

SVG version: Cilantro

SVG version: Good Mother Stallard

SVG version: Mortgage Lifter

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