Jerry D Young

Jerry D Young has a great site with well over 100 of his stories available for download. He has been writing PAW fiction for as long as I can remember and is well know for his ‘lists’. These lists are extremely comprehensive, some might even say too comprehesive, but smart people will realize the amount of research and thought that have gone into each and develop a subset of the lists for their own purposes.

After reading just a handful of Jerry’s stories, I was hooked on the PAW and survival genre and ultimately he was one of a handful of authors who, unknowingly, helped push me to try my hand at writing fiction.

Be sure to sign up and join on his site to get access to the files. For those who prefer to read in the Kindle format, he also has published just about all of his stories on that platform too.

If I had to choose my favorite stories, Rufus – ‘Super Suburban PAWV’ would definitely be in the top three.

Jerry’s stories are available on Amazon.
Click here to view the full list of stories.



An added bonus, Jerry also offers Tired Old Man’s (TOM) stories and Fleataxi’s (RIP, 2011) stories. The writings of Fleataxi including the multi story series starting with “North to Alaska” was one of the early survival fiction pieces I read that also helped motivate me to give writing a try.


  1. John Mitchell says:

    Read about everything of yours I c an get on Kindle – even reread some like “Contract” and “Mr. Man”. You’re a great story teller in the likes of Lois L’Amour.

    • culex says:

      I’m sure Jerry would appreciate your comment. I’d suggest you check out is site, but it appears he no longer has it running any more.

  2. Maarty says:

    Has Jerry shut his site down? I can’t seem to find it any more.

    • culex says:

      As far as I can tell, yes he did shut it down. Not sure if it’s due to moving some of his books to Amazon for for other reasons.

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