Very Compact Wilderness Survival Kit

Over at New Survival Skills they put together a nice compact wilderness survival kit. It’s designed to actually attach to your belt/leg.


The benefits of a body attached system means that it won’t take up space in your pack, but more importantly, it means if you somehow lose your pack this survival kit, being attached to you, is still with you.

Looking at the picture it’s pretty self explanatory although if you put together something like this be sure you actually know how to use each item within the kit. Trying to learn when in an emergency situation is not being prepared.

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  1. Noah Spam says:

    FYI. The link leads to a FB user address but then it jumps to the signup page. Either they are gone or joining FB is required to see their page. Not for this lad; YMMV.

    Before I go, thanks for the stories and equipment ideas. I’ve enjoyed all of them.

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