New Author Added

I just added a new author, Kristen Middleton, to the Other Stories menu. I stumbled upon her work, a zombie story, on Amazon/Kindle and really enjoyed it. The book is part one of a five part series and you can read the first one for free.


  1. Jon W. Spead says:

    Nothing new for over five months. Hope that you are still alive and well. May we look forward to a blog soon. More importantly, a new story or two. Please and Thank you. J.W. Spead aka: Wise Tioga

    • culex says:

      Sorry… been busy… especially the last few months with all the spring happenings (planting, harvesting wilds, etc.) Definitely more stories on the way. I have two full length well on the way to completion and a handful of short stories I just need to finish up and run through editing. Thanks for the good word and support!

      • chuck says:


        Not trying to push, but I also enjoy your stories a lot. Looking forward too them when you get done with harvest and such. Thanks

        • culex says:

          Thanks for the comment Chuck. Last count I’ve got about 8 or 9 in progress at the moment. I’m kind of stuck on the two that are mostly done. I just don’t like the ending of one of them and I don’t want to offer any sub par work.

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