Stories by Culex Pipiens

Many of my stories are available via two methods. First, as a PDF download from here and second as an inexpensive purchase in the Kindle format on Amazon. Kindle format works with Kindle devices and also via the free Kindle app available for Mac, PC, many tablets OSes and as a web based application too.

So, why would a reader want to buy a story when they can download for free? Kindle format displays much nicer on Kindle devices than a PDF does, although both work, but the most obvious reason is that you enjoy my stories and want to support my work and encourage me to keep writing.

At the very least, if you liked the story I would not object to a good review (hint, 5 stars!) on Amazon. ­čÖé


  1. Philip Jaster says:

    Say, I can not find any stories, anywhere on your new website. I have used both my iPad Mini as well as my android jelly bean 4.1 ZEKI Tablet, purchased so I can eventually do Amazon book downloads.

    Being a disabled VietNam vet, on a fixed income, I value the services of ~free~ writer services… and am a member at PAW, where I first read your books.

    Am I not doing something correct, or is it ┬┐operating systems?

    Thanks for your writing, I enjoyed it all.


  2. culex says:

    Hi Philip.

    When you click on the Culex Stories menu item all the available stories should be popping up in a drop down menu. Simply choose one of those and on that page will be the download (and for some a purchase link too).

    I have tested it on PC, Linux, iPad OS and Android and it shows up for me on all of those.

    Please let me know if you’re still having any issues.

  3. Philip Jaster says:

    I forgot to mention, I use Opera almost exclusively on my tablets & Laptop…. I copied your website to Safari, and the drop down worked just fine,thanks!


    • culex says:

      Thanks for the follow up Philip. I have to admit I’ve never tried Opera, but it’s good to know Safari is working fine for you.

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