Michael Kaye

Michael Kaye is a talented PAW fiction author who recently released book 1 of a planned series. While it is a fictional story, parts of it mirror real life and you get the feeling that some of it is drawn from personal experiences.

From the author:

Enjoy the adventure asTheAwakeningBook1 John and his family are awakened to fact that they and the rest of society are facing the implosion of the U.S. economy. John first learns that the U.S. economy is about to collapse from a long time friend and client, who is a partner and the COO of one the top 100 asset management firms. Only days later, John’s mentor, who has spent the last thirty-years in the banking industry, confirms this dreaded information about the U.S. economy.

John’s first thought is “Oh Sh!t”…

Follow along as John, his wife Cindy, and step-daughter Skylar, scramble against time to become properly prepared for this shit-hit-the-fan reality.

This story is available exclusively on Amazon.
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