Thomas Sherry

Thomas Sherry

In 2005, I began the story entitled ‘Deep Winter’. Many have wondered about its’ origins. It was literally, a single post on a web forum that shall remain nameless, designed to make people think about what they’d do, if they were caught in the same situation as the guy and his family in the story.

Five pages, I think it was.

I was then asked…or, hounded, into ‘more.’ Alan Hagan warned me, ‘don’t start or they’ll never let you alone’ and he was certainly correct. The five pages became the first chapter. The short story turned to a dozen chapters, then thirty, then sixty. It covered a little bit of ground, and six hundred sixty-two pages.

Then a second book, ‘Shatter’, well over six hundred pages. Then, a third…


Thomas’ work is available from Amazon in Kindle format and also on his blog, Deep Winter blog story.


ThomasDeepWinterDeep Winter

From a relatively normal American life to a survival situation in moments, this story follows the Drummond family as they learn to adapt to a now, very different community…and world. Beginning on a bitter cold January night, the story begins with a series of earthquakes tearing through the Pacific Northwest….and in the following days the family–and the nation–face challenges from unexpected sources….

This story is available exclusively on Amazon.
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A continuation of the story begun in ‘Deep Winter’, finding the Drummond family and their friends adapting to the radically altered world they now find themselves in.

This story is available exclusively on Amazon.
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Resuming the ‘Deep Winter’ story after the second book, ‘Shatter’, Remnant follows the Drummond family into new territory. As a Second Civil War rages, Rick Drummond finds himself amid those who are learning anew, the cost of freedom.

This story is available exclusively on Amazon.
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  1. Mary says:

    Just finishing up “Distance”. Love every page of it! Is there another book in the works? Sequel?

  2. Roger Stemen says:

    Mr. Sherry. Sometime ago you and I chatted on the phone. I wanted them to purchase all three of your books and have you autograph them. I wondered if that would still be a possibility and to add on your new fourth book. Just started
    Rereading your series again. I love the series and can’t wait to begin book 4 once I’ve finished the first 3. If possible could you please contact me so that I can make arrangements to send you money. Thank you so much!

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